Is The United States A Rogue State?

The problem with american policy is that it’s policy is utopian. 

  1. The postwar consensus was that states needed to focus internally on capitalism and human rights, and stay within their borders, so that we don’t have another civil war. Unfortunately americans promote democracy AND consumer capitalism instead of consumer capitalism regardless of political order.
  2. Democracy is a bad idea. Its not a cause of prosperity. It is a luxury good – a conspicuous consumption for wealthy societies, and creates chaos and suffering elsewhere.
  3. American postwar policy says ‘choose the government you want”.  what we don’t say is “but if you choose badly we will send you back to the stone age”.  Unfortunately, human instinct is parasitic: people choose badly.  Why? no enlightenment, no chivalry, no high trust, no prohibition on cousin marriage, and unfortunately, a full standard deviation in lower median IQ.
  4. People are not oppressed so much as parasites that need domestication.
  5. The west is better off than the rest not because of our virtues, but because for one thousand years we hung 1/2 to 1% of the underclass every year, controlled access to farm land, delayed childbirth, prohibited cousin marriage, and starved the rest.  SO most of the west is decendent from the middle class.  The rest of the world hasn’t done this (other than china and Japan) and so they are disproporionately impuslive, aggressive, and of lower intelligence than westerners.
  6. Europe failed in its colonial efforts to national detriments.  We have colonized Europe to its detriment.  Ottoman colonies are the source of world conflict.  The germans were probably right in the first world war, and we should have stayed out of it.  We tend to be wrong a lot. Other than the war on communism – we tend to be wrong a lot.

    Is that uncomfortable? It’s true.

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