Reminder. I Don’t Do Racism. But I Do Paternalism, Classism, and Culturism.

[I]t’s turning into a weekly effort but it’s time once again to reiterate my position on biases.
I don’t do racism. I definitely do classism and eugenics – but not racism.
I definitely do truth and and morality and therefore culturism.
People, cultures and civilizations are objectively superior and inferior to one another.
Degrees of Truth, Commons, Suppression of Parasitism, and Genetic Pacification determine superiority.

I put my people first. Just as I put myself and my family first.
I want to defend my kin and our civilization.
I want to resist the lesser people’s doing damage to us.

But it is my ambition to raise all people into transcendence.
And the Christian soul has no room for hate and idleness where it can be replaced by paternalism and hard work.

We are aristocracy.
We are man’s aristocracy the virtue of the greatest suppression of parasitism, the greatest truth, the greatest commons.
If man is to Transcend, then we must raise mankind into transcendence.
To do raise mankind into transcendence we must look at the evidence, and have the courage to rule.

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