The Challenge of Our Time is Deceit

[W]e spend a lot of time on logical fallacies, which assume mere error on the part of one’s opponent.

We have begun to spend a lot of time on Cognitive Biases which affect one’s opponent.

But both of these disciplines assume that the other party errs. When the problem of modern era, is not error but deception: lying.

Social Pseudoscience, Keynesian Pseudoscience, postmodernism, rationalist obscurantism, propaganda and overloading, rallying and shaming, feminism, political correctness, religion and mysticism, democratic secular humanism (a pseudoscientific religion).

All of these are possible not by error, not by bias, but by the organized use of language and media as a means of conducting theft by deception.

The problem of our time is DECEPTION. How do we cleanse the commons of deceit?

That’s why I work on Testimonialism (truth telling) and propertarianism (limits of human action) and propertarian liberalism (the market construction of commons.)

End the century of lies.

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