The Problem of Moral Intent Without the Skills of Moral Action

[T]he moral man is skeptical. If you come at me with questions it would be the actions of a moral man.

But as a teacher of others and a philosopher myself I grasp that it is quite difficult to ask questions when you do not know what to ask.

So the only option available to one is to criticize until one knows what questions to ask.

So it is not necessarily that one intends immorality. It is that we stumble the best we can with the skills at our disposal.

As such you have moral intent but not the ability to act morally.

I often spend a generous amount of time with those of moral intent but lacking in moral skills, in order to help them discover what questions they might want to ask.

This is my contribution to the commons. Tolerance. Patience. Cost. A cost for which many people have suggested I waste my time.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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