There is a Reasong for Interpetive Differences in Religion

[T]he need for interpretation is evidence of the fallacy of a statement.

—” find it very hard to believe that you will enable you to quickly and accurately interpret the Qu’ran when there appears to be much disagreement even within adherents to the religion”—

That’s because no amount of study will achieve anything other than self indoctrination and hypnosis into a series of internally inconsistent falsehoods.

Truth is non-contradictory. Thats' how we know truth.
falsehood is contradictory. That's how we know falsehood.

The fact that the koran requires ‘interpretation’ because it is internally consistent, is demonstration of the fact that it is falsehood.

This is one of the great ways in which falsehoods are spread. “there is great wisdom here’.

Then you have to just assume so many falsehoods but never reach the truth.

The reason is that there was never any truth.

The entire purpose was to get you to believe a series of falsehoods by the promise of future truth.

This is the secret to all religious lies.

The promise of eternal life is the same. If you believe all these falsehoods, then you will find immorality.

The promise of heaven is the same: if you believe all these falsehoods then you will find heaven.

The promise of reward: if you believe all these falsehoods then you will find virgins awaiting you.

The lie of the devil to faust and the lie of muhammed to muslims:

“I will give you stuff now if you give me something later” (faust).

“I will give you something later if you give me something now” (allah).

Whereas the entire purpose is to use you as a useful idiot to achieve immoral ends, and never pay you the reward you have been promised, because it does not exist and never did.

There are no gods that are not just stories. There are no heavens that are not just false promises. There is no good in islam.

The gnostics were right. Jehova was the devil and the Talmud, The Bible, and the Koran are his most successful works.

There is only one prophet who does not lie. His name is Aristotle.

And the one true god is truth itself.

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