“Your Audacity Impresses and Amuses Me”

—“Your audacity impresses and amuses me.”–

[G]iven that I’m outside of the academy, I am both too stupid to know that it cannot be done, and unregulated by academics who would prevent me from trying such an absurd thing. So I try in ignorance to achieve the unachievable.

Now that I’ve gone through most of intellectual history, it seems that this same stupidity is common among the philosophers. Smith, Kant, Hume, Darwin, Spencer and Mises, Popper and Hayek all did the same. It appears that the academy is not a producer of great ideas, but a deterrent to them.

Scarily enough it seems like I’ve made more progress than the others. For the simple reason that programming teaches you how to think a certain way. And that certain way is how we must construct laws: so that they are calculable not merely ‘reasonable’.

I have no aires to protect like academics and politicians. I do not need money from book sales. I don’t care about the accolades of scholars.

I’m just a lone lunatic slaving away at an impossible task, and out of dumb luck and circumstance have discovered the solution to the problem of the social sciences.

We are subjects of our time. That is all.

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