Q: How Can You Prove Monotheism Wrong?

Note: the O’henry ending is that given the alternatives why would you claim monotheism was not wrong except for immoral ends?

How can you prove monotheism wrong, Mr. Doolittle?

[W]ell that depends upon your concept of Gods.

If you say that there is one set of optimum laws of man and nature then I would agree that this is truth and truth and God are synonyms.

If you say that we seek to find an anthropomorphic representation of those laws which man can seek to achieve, aspire to imitate, or at least obey, then I would agree with that.

If you say that there exists one God then that is demonstrably false. Since clearly many exist and have existed, and most are incompatible.

If you say that there exists a supernatural entity in the universe with sentience and will that is not a construct of man and mans minds then I would question your reasoning.

It is not for me to prove one God is false. Since I clearly advocate the first and second principles above.

It is instead am a question of why those who say otherwise do so? In other words if there is some thing that violates that truth, natural and physical laws then it either is not God, or it is the work of men trying to deceive us.

So my response is that since I try to act in accordance with laws that man cannot use for deceptive purposes, why would you or others seek to advocate that which is not compatible with truth, natural and physical law, except to do so for deceptive purposes, or because you are pawns if that which is not God?

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