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[I] write controversial philosophy. If it was not controversial it would not be revolutionary. – And I embrace controversy as good marketing, and the good conduct of argumentative research.


If my work is offensive, it means the person offended is a thief. That may seem an outrageous claim, but it will survive all criticisms. Truth is often painful.

I don’t do racism, I do classism (eugenics). I’m for as diverse a planet of tribes as possible. And my understanding is that the differences between the races are almost entirely the product of differences in rates of reproduction of the lower classes.


I don’t to statism I do nationalism.

I don’t do anarchy, I do nomocracy (rule of law) under Natural Law, where my concept of natural law is not ‘fuzzy’ but thoroughly articulated.


I don’t do escape from the commons, I do market government for the construction of commons by exchange.


My work is not sentimental, not rationalistic, but social science hung on a philosophical framework, as a means of uniting science, philosophy, morality, and law.

Propertarianism requires a great deal of general knowledge, and Testimonialism a great deal of understanding of philosophy and the philosophy of science, and possibly of the foundations of logic and mathematics.

The current phase of my work addresses the problem of what we call religion, but better stated is the encoding of evolutionary strategy in a set of metaphysical value judgements, and their embodiment in myth, ritual, tradition and norms. So my current work is probably more accessible than the previous few years.

My goal is to create a revolution that overthrows the Century of Lies and Mysticism (20th century).

But moral men need more than just revolutionary sentiment. They need:
1) Moral Authority : We have been lied to, our civilization destroyed, our culture intentionally undermined, and our kin and relations the subject of a slow constant conquest and genocide.

2) A Solution : An alternative set of institutions that are capable of intertemporal persistence across many generations.

3) A Plan of Transition : the means by which to convert from the current state to the new state so that individuals and groups can envision that transition rather than fear the uncertainty of it.

4) A Method Of Revolution : The methods by which we raise the cost of the status quo until our solution is preferable to the current chaos.

My work, my ‘book’, is an attempt to provide moral authority, A solution, A Plan of Transition, and a Method of Revolution.



Because that is what it will take to generate sufficient discussion and awareness to cause a revolution.

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