The 19th Century Thinkers Were So Close…

[S]pencer and Darwin were so close. Unfortunately mises, popper, hayek, brouwer, bridgman, and poincare failed to carry them across the threshold.

Why? Because the combination of women, marx, boaz, freud, created a sentimental alternative to truth – a great lie. And after the great war, keynes created a way to use consumption to recover from it, and the promise of something new to mask the regret of the catastrophe. In other words, we replaced art, heroism, and truth, with crass consumption and, proletarianism to hold the state together, an innumerate pseudoscience to systematize it, and postmodern lies to defend it all.

I understand that we must produce a synthesis of truth and religion. This is the hardest objective to solve. Principally because men need costly rituals in order to defend the principles that they attest to.

I understand how the previous century failed. I understand why the great lies succeeded in the post war era, for the same reason that christianity succeeded in the post-war and post-plaque era.

I think I understand how to create that religion, philosophy, logic, and science.

Please god give me strength, energy, time, and resources to do it.

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