Love Thyself. Love Thy Kin. Love Thy Nation. But Transcend all of man.

[I] will say it again. Of course I love my family and tribe above all. But I also wish every other family and tribe to prosper, evolve, and transcend.

As far as I can tell, our differences are just differences in skills when we practice truthfulness in all walks of life.

And yes, I understand that some groups practice untruthfulness and parasitism as strategies. But that is not a genetic necessity it is a cultural utility.

And yes, I understand that some peoples cannot compete without parasitism and untruthfulness. I do not see why to harm them, but I see no value in expanding them.

Any man who fights for truth and liberty is my brother. Any man who uses truth and liberty to advance his family and tribe is a nobleman whom I will reciprocally insure.

This is how our families and tribes rase each other into transcendence.

And it is the way we build numbers in the world with which to domesticate or eliminate the hordes of animals unable to transcend from beast into man.

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