(Diary) Progress on Deception in Literature and Philosophy

[G]reat progress on this problem of literature and deception that I have been struggling with for years.

I have these periods where I think I am not making progress, and then I make a great deal of progress in a few days. The periods where I make little progress are just records of the effort it takes to solve some of these problems.

Some of these problems are very hard. Which is why it takes generations to solve them.

I am sure rothbard would not appreciate what I have done. Hoppe isn’t going to love me any day soon. But it took us three generations to solve this problem. Each of us improving upon the last.

I could have moved much faster if Hoppe had given me some of his time. But I suspect the conceptual bridge would have been a bridge too far.

Unfortunately he was the only person worth talking to. So I had to do it almost all on my own. But with a little help from the Critical rationalists.

The critical rationalists are still mad at me.

But they were a necessary resource in the solution to the problem.

If I can’t bring them along, then I can’t. It’s not important.

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