Is Socialism Dangerous?

Isn’t 100 Million dead in one century because of a pseudoscientific economic and political system propagated by tyrants from the underclasses enough evidence? Isn’t India’s continued problem with ever-present corruption evidence?

How do you price the damage done by the soviets, the chinese, the southeast asians, the south americans, the hindus from these experiments with socialism?

The most capitalist societies provide the greatest benefits by redistribution.

The most socialist societies provide the worse benefits by redistribution.


Are liberal arts, and ‘extended high school’ students who are not smart enough to get into STEM classes.  The kind of people who can learn by reading  100-120 IQ) but who are not smart enough to manage science (abstract empiricism).   THe people who follow these mere literary believers in the sub-100 IQ space cannot be blamed. They cannot grasp these matters anyway.  They imitate those that they understand.

Think of Socialism and Communism as a literary equivalent of Science Fiction and Fantasy (which constitute a libertarian movement).  They are both nonsense extremes.  The arose in nearly the same fashion at nearly the same times, as the myths of the new age.  Socialism and communism the restatement of peasant christianity, and science fiction and fantasy the restatement of pagan aristocracy.

Rule of law under the common law under natural law, with which we suppress parasitism and free riding;  the credit society under which our behavior is regulated more so by credit and job than by law and religion;  and macro economics in which we attempt to stimulate production sufficiently to keep all employed; and finally genetic and cognitive science – are relatively scientific disciplines.  They are not literary fantasies of socialism or  science fiction.

Communism, socialism, and the myth of the horrid worker who chose the factory happily, willingly, and enthusiastically, over the subsistence of the farm, are all literary inventions.  None of it is real. None of it happened.

Utopias always fail.  Socialism and communism were the second attempt to spread a new religion – this time by pseudoscientific literature.  The first time by religious mysticism in ancient era’s version of literature – myth.

Both have had nothing but evil consequences. 

Why?  Because only very stupid people believe them, and very stupid people can be led by them.  Unfortunately, very stupid people make up more than half of the living population. In many countries they make up three to four fifths of the population.

We all seek justification of our reproductive strategies.  The problem for the undesirable, unintelligent, and unproductive is that they are aware of their incompetence but must seek lies to justify their existences.    It must be someone else’s fault. It cannot be that they are human waste products the result of dysgenic over reproduction, and the only reason they live is that we have petroleum products to keep them warm and feed them in winter…  (ouch)

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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