Truth: Seeking True Names – The Ultimate Parsimony

[T]here is only one ultimate parsimony available to man. That ultimate parsimony consists of the true names of all that exists in the universe.
Truth is the name we use to refer to true names.
True names are the ultimately most parsimonious descriptions of whatever phenomenon we wish to convey.
Now, others might say that there are more experiential ways of observing existence. And I might agree that there are many stories we can envision. And that from these visions we might gather new ideas. But those ideas can be used for entertainment, for assuaging suffering, or for deceit. But they cannot convey true names.
This is not to say that there is no place for the arts in the communication of the human experience. It is however, to say that the communication of the human experience can be tested for aesthetic, true, false, good and bad content.
Art can be judged as is any other statement.
Art does not get license to hazard, lie cheat, steal and harm.
Just the Opposite.

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