What Is After Socialism And Capitalism?

We have always had mixed economies and always will. Neither extreme is possible since under pure capitalism commons cannot be produced because incentives to produce them don’t exist, and under pure socialism production is impossible in no small part because incentives to produce don’t exist. 

These two terms are also questionably dishonest. Capitalism refers to the voluntary organization of production of consumption and commons. Socialism to the involuntary organization of production of consumption and commons. 

There is no state of post capitalism. It is possible that there is a form of pure contractualism available to us – and I am working on that solution.

But as long as women can bear children at will without certain to if the ability to support them or their eventual self support, then there will always be intolerable want.

The egalitarianism of Northern Europe was achieved through centuries of systemic eugenics under manorialism and its predecessors. And westerners do not like to admit this truth. They’d rather attribute their current luxury to the product of their character.

Hanjal line character is the product of dispassionate eugenics in all walks of life.

The early northern people delayed reproduction and outbred. The anglo Saxons starting in the Netherlands practiced manorialism. The rest of Europe hung half to one percent of the population every year as entertainment and constant suppression of the criminal underclasses.  The peasantry was not oppressed – it was domesticated.

It is far more important for a people to eliminate the ‘Evil 80s’ from the population than it is to create genius.

This knowledge is the crisis of our age. mixed economies have won. There is no end to capitalism in the consumer economy and socialism in the commons economy.

Not as long as we are discussing humans. 


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