Conservatism is Empirical. So is Our Group Strategy.

[C]onservatism is Empirical (critical). SO it is natural for us to patiently let some idea fail, and then outlaw it via the common law once it’s become obvious.

We can outlaw the abuse of free speech and return to the oath of truth telling. We can require the warranty of due diligence. We can punish offenders.

This behavior is consistent with the preservation of sovereignty by preventing rule.

It is also consistent with our lack of a written philosophy other than the law, and truth.

It is easy to write down trivial methods of producing social order. It is hard to write down indirect methods of social order.

We evolved an indirect social order.

So just as it was easiest to produce mathematics, harder to produce physics, and harder to produce social science (economics), it was harder to write down the western political model.

Physical law, Natural Law, Common law, truth, testimony, jury, judge, property and sovereignty.

This is extremely difficult for people to undrestand. Why? Becuase like truth, it is a critical system of operation: we know not what is right, we only discover what is wrong.

This is the west.

We invented science in all fields because we practiced it in heart, hearth, home, myth, legend, thang, and jury.

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