Have we made a catastrophic mistake with our democratic monopoly?

[H]ave we made a catastrophic mistake? Why have we forced all into individualism instead of separated the individualistic from the collectivist? Why must we have either a communist or capitalist order? Must we have a monopoly social democratic order? If we arose under a mix of martial, burgher, and church orders, then why was that model a failure? It wasn’t. It wasn’t a failure. The middle class allied with the lower class against the church and nobility after the thirty years war and while deserving enfranchisement, demonstrated hubris in the displacement of church and state.

Forcing man into the absolute nuclear family, forcing man to move to capital. Forcing man into monopoly social orders. All of this force is not that of the past that made us successful.

I understand the need for a market for commons. But what shall we do with the equivalent of the manor, market, military, and monastery when the great leap of the industrial revolution has passed?

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