Islam: We Are Competitors, Not Allies, Not Friends, Not Kin


1) we are competitors not allies. We cooperate economically for mutual gain. But if cooperation requires that we sacrifice to increase the numbers of our competitors then this is not beneficial but parasitic and suicidal.

2) you do not understand economics. To move every human in a network requires the application of marginal differences in incentives. This requires vast capital. It is through vast capital applied as incentives that we produce the voluntary organization of production.

3) The mistakes you are making are a) that we are kin rather than competitors, b) that it is possible to organize by any other means c) that the world poor would not continually breed us into perpetual poverty d) that the objective we must pursue is the prevention of the poor from reproducing.

4) Islam is a cancer that the west, the Russians, the Africans, the Hindus, and the East Asians need eradicate from this earth. Muslims are the only remaining uncivilized people on earth – and outside of Africa’s good christians, the dumbest people on earth. We must end Islam forever.

Is that clear enough?

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