Prosecution(Judging) is the Objective of the Curriculum.

[T]hanks for an interesting question by Megan Cyloneight today, I was able to understand that I had to add ‘prosecution’ to the curriculum, in order to change the student of western civilization from a christian servant to an aristocratic judge.

0) The matters of europa (ancient literature): Fairy Tales, Myths, Histories.
1) Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Testimony, Prosecution.
2) Propertarian psychology, economics, sociology, politics, evolutionary strategy, war.

It is no use reserving prosecution and war for the adults. Enfranchise them all.


—“Curt, would you recommend Ron Paul’s Mises-based homeschool curriculum as the best option out there for parents?”— Megan Cyloneight

“Best” I don’t know. Ron Paul’s curriculum is pacifist. It produces good middle class universalist judeo-christians. Good subjects. People who can easily be conquered.

To create aristocracy I would add to it:
1) Grammar, Logic, Testimony, and Prosecution (including the methods of lying)
2) Propertarian psychology, sociology, group competitive strategy.
3) The methods of legal order: american, british, german, russian, chinese – under which the people create commons while holding a government at bay.
4) The conduct of war by means of immigration, religion/conversion, political means, and economic means, and defense against each.
5) Fitness, Sports, Fighting, tactics, strategy, command and control.

Ron Paul makes well informed, docile, employees.
Curt Doolittle makes well informed unconquerable sheriffs.

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