Q&A: How Long to Raise IQ?

—Q&A: “How long does it take to raise IQ?”— Well line 1M people by their IQ. Shoot everyone with an IQ below 100. IQ raised Instantly.

[T]ake 100M people.
Sterilize everyone with an IQ below 100.
The effect will be almost immediate,
but over two or three generations the IQ will consistently raise.
Take 100M people.
Pay people with IQ below 100 who are also unemployed
or consistently unemployable, not to have children.
The effect will appear within one generation, and continue to improve.
Take 100M people.
Hang all 3 strikes criminals every year without exception.
Sterilize all with IQ below 90 before they are 16.
Pay people with 100IQ or below who are unemployed
or consistently unemployable not to have children,
or to have only one child.
Pay people with IQ over 125 to have children, and a lot if they have many.
I mean, I can create scenarios all day long. I’ve done quite a few models and it depends on the initial distribution, the age range of reproduction, the number of children .. etc. Basically it happens as fast or slow as you want it to. Myself I just recommend the Chinese solution: punish the hell out of people who export costs and who have more than one kid, and reward people at the top who have more than one kid. Then let time do its thing.

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