—Fantasizing about desirable end points demonstrates one’s ignorance. Knowledge consists of knowing existentially possible operations, and how to arrange those operations to produce the desired outcome.—

—IQ Maters, but so do impulsive, frustrated, solipsistic, narcissistic, and schizotypal personalities. Reality angers, denial comforts them.—

—It’s frustrated. solipsistic, narcissistic, or schizotypal people who desperately fight to deny reality. Stupid people simply don’t care.—

—“When I use the term Monarchy, I use it in the narrow sense as a property holder of territory and formal institutions, where the monarch provides the ultimate veto power over contracts for commons, and the judiciary ultimate veto power over natural law.”—
—“State Corporatism is a conspiracy. Rule of Law, Monarchy, Market Commons, are just social science. -We had it right. Democracy was a failure”—

—“Make the world safe FROM democracy: Natural Law. Monarchy.”—

—“If you cannot describe what you mean in operational terms then you do not know of what you speak. Period. End of story.”–

—”The Principle Agent Problem: The principal–agent problem occurs when one person or entity (the “agent”) is able to make decisions on behalf of, or that impact, another person or entity: the “principal”. The dilemma exists because sometimes the agent is motivated to act in his own best interests rather than those of the principal. So wait. We have a military but no militia. We have a Representatives not direct democracy. We have Fiat Money but not Direct Distribution of liquidity to Shareholders. SO KNOWING THIS, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE UNIVERSAL MILITIA AND DIRECT ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, WITH LIQUIDITY DIRECTLY DISTRIBUTED TO CONSUMERS?”—

—“Had the european civil war not occurred and the colonial process been completed I think the world might have been a better place.?#?NewRight?“—

—“Mercenaries and Representatives are poor substitutes for your fighting and decision making. Fight and rule or submit and be ruled. ?#?NewRight?“—

—“America, like any bloated corporation, must be broken up in order to unleash shareholder value.”—

—“I don’t have mercy on any of the enlightenment ideologies, or any of the cultures. we were all wrong. My job is to solve it. Our job is to fix it.”–

–“The Middle Class Writes. It’s The Lower Class that Fights. Only Fighters change orders. They fight to gain benefits via their elites.”–

—Liberty creates a proscriptive not prescriptive order. This creates opportunity for the inquiring, and fear for the requiring mind.?#?NewRight?—-

—THE NASH OPTIMUM VS THE PARETO OPTIMUM – Nash: The best EXCHANGE possible, vs Pareto: the most THEFT Possible. Economics in a nutshell. Austrians use Nash, Mainstream uses Pareto.—

—“The longer I work on the necessity of a judicial priesthood, the longer I study the Templars(bankers), the Inquisition(judges), the closer I come to the model I‘m looking for. The problem is always paying for the initial stages. The first phase must produce sufficient confiscation that the men can be fed and armed. Yet wholesale predation on the islamic model (ISIS) is counter-productive.“—

—Hold Territory Against Attrition vs Impose Attrition from Within Territory.  A soldier must carry a lot of resources, and because of this his fitness demands are higher. He is not at home. He has less information to work with. He cannot easily hide. What he can do is concentrate forces and rely upon information networks. Revolutionary Warriors must only concentrate forces for very short periods, and then disperse again into ‘society’. Every moment they hold territory costs them. Every moment we force them to hold territory it cost them.—



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