Reason Magazine’s Straw Man Attack on Trump Illustrates The Poverty Of Libertinism

[R]eason’s Straw Men :


–“Some of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters believe he is the only candidate who will defend Western culture from its enemies both foreign (illegal immigrants, Muslims) and domestic (cultural relativists, campus leftists).”—

No, we believe he is the only candidate that will transform the administration from an ideological to an empirical one – and throw the bums out so to speak who compromise. (Ergo, straw man)

—“The U.S. is besieged by forces that want to destroy its cultural heritage, and Trump is the only one who gets that, they say.”—

The USA is no longer in a position to bear endless third world immigration, endless asymmetric trade relationships, and endless funding of the world police force (nato). (Ergo, straw man) (Author is relying upon psychologism which is an anti-empirical propaganda tool of Marxist Critique, not engaging in truthful debate about questions of social, economic, and political, science.)

—“This is a terrible reason to support Trump, but not because the values of the West aren’t worth protecting—they are.”—

Having created a straw man, that the questions are psychologisms, the author now attempts to refute his own position, not the position of trump or the people who support trump. (Again, the author is using the Common Marxist Technique of creating moral straw men in place of empirical arguments. I am well aware that most libertarian thought is in fact constructed on marxist method of argumentation for the same reasons – obscurantism, suggestion, misrepresentation. But the author is rather ‘crude’ in his application of the marxist technique.)

—“The sad! fact is that Trump adamantly rejects two of the most important legacies of the Enlightenment and Western society: free markets and freedom of the press.”—

Both of these ‘innovations’ were fallacies. (a) Freedom of truthful speech, and (b) freedom of markets equally free of externality would have been innovations. However, the pseudoscientific conquest of the west (by boaz, freud, marx, cantor, mises, keynes, the frankfurt school, rothbard/rand, leo strauss, and the various movement conservatives was achieved only because of the combination of free rather than truthful press, tolerance for advocacy of theft (socialism, communism), tolerance for advocacy of free riding on the commons (libertinism/libertarianism), tolerance for military expansionism (neo-conservatism, movement conservatism). And the economy was jeopardized because of the tolerance for externalities (export of knowledge, labor arbitrage trading consumption for dilution of the skill base).

–“No presidential candidate who fails to grasp why unrestricted trade across national borders is the hallmark of a civilized society is fit to lead one, and no leader who seeks the power to shut down newspapers who criticize him can be trusted to defend classical liberalism from its enemies.”—

No person who fails to grasp that he advocates theft from others by externality, free riding, pseudoscientific fraud, is not a hall;mark of civilized society but of SEPARATIST PARASITISM UPON THE HOST POPULATION. The cost of creating production in the voluntary organization of production (capitalism) is born by every living soul in the polity. So what the author is advocating is PRIVATIZATION OF COMMONS (theft). Period. End of argument. The secret to western success was the oath: I shall not lie or steal. Yet by engaging in propaganda the author lies (pseudoscience) and steals (advocates theft by externality and free riding).

—“White nationalists, in Holt’s view, are misguided to the extent that they put undue importance on race. It’s the values of Western Europeans, not their skin color, that matters: “—

This is false, and another ‘values’ psychologism.(Another Big Lie) (a) homogenous people redistribute, and heterogenous people done. (b) commons are produced by redistribution (c) commons are a competitive advantage. (d) normative commons are the most competitive advantage (e) property rights and truth telling are the most competitive normative advantages. (f) no group can produce a western high trust society with property rights and truth telling if the median IQ is below current 100 to perhaps 105. (g) The west achieved higher normative distribution of IQ, lower distribution of impulsivity and aggression, through the systematic eugenic culling of people by hanging, war, and manorial control of reproduction and food consumption. (h) ergo, race matters a great deal. It may in fact matter MOST.

—“Trump has any standing to claim that he is “unabashedly pro-Western.” A man cannot portray himself as the defender of the Enlightenment, modern Western civilization, and classical liberalism if he is desperate to undo its crowning achievements.”—

Falsehood. As we have shown, these are pseudoscientific frauds, not achievements. Falsehood. Western civilization is defined by meritocracy, empiricism, truth telling, and a requirement for productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer, free of negative externality, because this is the only method of cooperation that (a) does not produce retaliation (b) is tolerable between kin, and (c) is non parasitic (theft). The enlightenment was a catastrophe – an exchange for aristocracy and christian mysticism for democracy and pseudoscience – tools of the leftists. It is those pseudosciences and the above listed frauds that we are undoing using empirical science today.

—“Of course, there’s nothing particularly Western about the Dark Ages—the entire world has suffered some version of the West’s long period of tribal warfare, poverty, and repression.”—

Falsehood. The dark ages were caused by: (a) excessive immigration into the empire. (b) the increased cost of maintaining a land empire instead of a naval empire (c) the Justinian plague made possible by the expansion of trade and the increase in population density in the core trading area (byzantium). (d) the dependence upon slave/serf labor for agrarian production. (e) the closing of the stoic schools and forcible introduction of christianity. (f) the rise of militant islam and the loss of northern african grain production, followed by the conquest of the byzantines and Sassanids (persians), thereby destroying the cycle of mediterranean trade. (g) a failure of the aristocracy to breed in sufficient numbers to maintain a professional warrior class (h) the success of the muslims in piracy and raiding causing the total collapse of the Mediterranean trade, the roman urban life, and all urban life in Europe. Urban=Market. There was no more need for Rome to fall than there was for China. China succeeded because they professionalized the military and the bureaucracy. Rome failed to. Roman Aristocracy was too diluted to reform a warrior class sufficient to offset the Muslim conquest. Thankfully the rise of the vikings, normans, and french as a consequence produced professional warriors again, which could be exported to the levant to ‘take the battle to the enemy’. Trade is only as good as the negative externalities it produces. THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTE UNMITIGATED ‘GOODS’. Period.

–“Trump is not actually someone who defends Western values,”—

A fool defends values (absolute unmitigated goods) and an empiricist defends the ‘fully accounted’ profit and loss of transactions. WHENEVER SOMEONE TALKS PRINCIPLES AND VALUES THEY”RE IGNORANT, OR LYING OR BOTH.

—“I can’t find anything particularly “right-wing” about them—not in the American sense,”—

Conservatism, which is a code-word for ‘aristocracy’ is Meritocratic, Truth Telling, Empirical, Rule of Law creating prosperity through the total prohibition of parasitism, and therefore the requirement for productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer free of negative externality that might in any way provoke retaliation that would impede the incentive to cooperate, engage in production, engage in trade, and deliver unto the aristocracy a commission for the imposition of such rules that limit human action to the productive. The family is the unit of reproduction and production and therefore the object of all policy – not the individual. Hence one-man, one vote. because one man for one family. Leaving the conflict between the reproductive strategies of the male and female within the family unit and external to politics. The government consists of a market wherein the different classes, possessing different interests, can engage in exchanges that produce the commons that are mutually beneficial. The judiciary functions as a sacred priesthood preserving natural law – cooperation and non-conflict. The church provides insurer of last resort, and limited pedagogy. The state (aristocracy) organizes production. The knights (servants) provide law and fight. The lower classes are constantly culled by hanging, war, and manorial control of reproduction. THAT IS THE WEST. Because that is an empirical (scientific) and non-ideological view of mankind. Rome abandoned greek philosophy for a reason. Like jewish law, it was merely a tool for lying. Roman law was purely empirical. CONSERVATISM = EMPIRICISM = SCIENTIFIC GOVERNMENT OF MANKIND. My job is to end the lies, the pseudoscience, and the fallacies of the enlightenment eras. NO MORE LIES. TRUTH BUILT THE WEST. TRUTH CAN RESTORE IT.. We are the #NewRight. Curt Doolittle The Propertarian Institute Kiev, Ukraine

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