Still Stuck with the Success of the German Literary over the Anglo Analytic

[I] am still stuck with the problem : 1) THE THREE CITIES a) The anglos had the right language mode (science), the right political model (rule of law common law), the right commons model (market for commons) but the wrong theory of man (equality),.

b) the germans had the wrong language model (literary rationalism), a typical political model (bibartate continental law), a typical commons model (decision by professional bureaucracy), and the right theory of man (hierarchy). c) the jews had the wrong language model (legalistic pseudoscience), political model (propaganda), commons model (none), and the wrong theory of man (separatism) 2) THE PEDAGOGICAL VS THE DECIDABLE The german model is one of regulation for the prevention of conflicts at the expense of innovation. The american is one of dispute resolution for the preservation of liberty in experimentation. The german model of man is empirical while the anglo model is ideological – a superior german transition from aristocracy to bureaucracy. The german model is pedagogical an literary (literary philosophy), and the anglo model is anti-pedagogical, and limited to dispute resolution.. The german model is to seek rational optimums while the american model is to use competition to discover optimums. 3) THE SUCCESS OF THE PEDAGOGICAL OVER THE DECIDABLE What troubles me is the success of the pedagogical german model in contrast to decidable anglo model. I am an anglo analytic philosopher. I know my function. But does that mean other authors will have to create pedagogical models of my work and that it is THEY who will be successful and not I?

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