Terrorists Fight by Drama. Revolutionaries Fight by Attrition

—I have been following your movement for a while now and I was wondering if you could give a soon-to-be revolutionary some advice on how to start up. thank you for your time.”—
1) Visualization is very close to doing. Visualize. Plan. Rehearse. Do.
2) One can visualize violence, destruction, raids, entrapment, clearing, and patrols.
3) One conducts incrementally increases the level of response from violence to destruction, to raids, to entrapment, to clearing, to patrols.
4) So one PLANS ‘missions’ consisting of acts of violence, acts of destruction, acts of raiding, acts of entrapment, acts of clearing, and acts of patrol.
5) Make plans consisting of a very simple lists. The type of mission. The Things needed. The places to obtain them. the Men needed. and very clear steps for who is responsible for what actions. The preparation phase, the start phase, the action phase, the defensive phase, and the retreat to safety phase.
6) To construct a plan you need intelligence on weak points. Weak points are radio, television, cable, network/internet hubs, power lines, transformers, power stations, high tension lines, trucking and rail routes for shipping goods. Bank locations, armored car stations and routes, police ‘resting positions’, police cars (they are costly and time consuming to replace), police stations. weapons stores, arsenals, guard arsenals.
7) To execute a plan you need to collect people and rehearse it together. This requires networking.
8) To hold territory you need intelligence on the organization: Names, Residences, Work addresses, commute routes. Family members. Schools.
9) We require a database and distributed web sites to collect this information (in progress – organized as a sort of ‘game’. )
To sustain yourself:
Stockpile Six Weeks of Food and water (Mormon Style:simple).
1000 rounds of ammunition. Even .22 is enough – use guns to get better guns. A .22 a baseball bat. a hand-made padded wood or tin shield, a heavy kitchen knife, molotov cocktails, and a motorcycle helmet are all the equipment you will need.
0) Disable the economy and the ability to rule.
1) Entrap and Kill enforcement people.
2) Hang/Impale leadership and use families against them.
3) Overwhelm but do not harm emergency services
4) Always retreat from the military to a new venue of action.
5) Move around the country developing experience.
6) Protect your people.
Code of Honor:
1) Everybody Lives to Fight another day. Preserve experience assets.
2) Anyone captured must be freed. They must be afraid to hold you.
3) Everyone fights without fear of death, or is unsuitable for fighting.
When you talk to others avoid all feel-good-talk, and talk only about planning opportunities to act. Do not share personal information, or personal emotions. Bond with others by trust developed through shared action, not by shared feelings or shared words. It is natural to be nervous, but revolution requires men of action not of fantasy.
Tolerate “whackos’ who are courageous risk takers. They will do what the rest fear to. Be intolerant of ‘whackos’ who are talkative, excessively nervous, fearful or complain, and kill them if you must to keep them from ‘turning’ once you reject them for their instability.
You do not need to be much of an athlete. But you will be much better off if you cut sugar, bread, dairy, sauces, from your diet and eat clean for six months, and avoid the MSG, which like sugar is a drug. (I”m all for the weed and the alcohol as long as its not on mission).
This phase of revolution requires we collect information. It involves taking a lot of pictures. Marking up maps. Writing plans. Posting plans for review. Critiquing plans. Improving your plan-making skills together. In effect you will run a university style MBA program in revolutionary planning.
That’s enough for now. I have work to do.

STATIST SOLDIERS VS REVOLUTIONARY WARRIORS Hold Territory Against Attrition vs Impose Attrition from Within Territory A soldier must carry a lot of resources, and because of this his fitness demands are higher. He is not at home. He has less information to work with. He cannot easily hide. What he can do is concentrate forces and rely upon information networks. Revolutionary Warriors must only concentrate forces for very short periods, and then disperse again into ‘society’. Every moment they hold territory costs them. Every moment we force them to hold territory it cost them.   A RAID How they take out a politician, judge, or policeman’s house: 5 or 6 Man Job 2 or 3 Propane Tanks 12 beer bottle sized molotov’s. 10 fist sized rocks. Open the tanks, and throw through rear windows. Throw rocks through the front windows. Throw all molotovs through broken front windows. The plan more gas that escapes prior to the fire the better. Fire burns best when heat can be concentrated, so do not Spread out the fires without increasing the number of men and molotovs. Scatter. Wait for emergency services crews. Use more molotovs, or weapons, to keep crews occupied.

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