The West Failed in 1900

[W]e had almost everything right prior to 1900.

We could have survived Darwin’s repudiation of God.

But our thinkers failed to solve the problem of pseudoscience and verbalism as a replacement for divine mysticism.

We can solve that now with Truthfulness and defense of the informational commons.

We can create a strictly constructed law and return to our origins as an empirical rather than ideological civilization.

But men must choose to risk life and limb to impose truth or we will simply descend into the barbarism that is the normal condition of uncivilized mankind – the rest of the world.

And in doing so, deprive mankind of western innovation for another millennium – if not forever.

There are no more isolated indo europeans left to rescue mankind from another wave of ignorance, superstition, mysticism, pseudoscience and organized deception.

We must chooses to rule. Or we doom mankind to another dark age. We will see the west decline from the cancer of islam as has North Africa, as has Byzantium, as has Persia, as have parts of central Asia.

We must save the world from the genetic and habitual-cultural spread of ignorance.

What separates the west from the rest is 1% of the population that seeks to preserve aristocracy, eugenics, technology, science, law, and truth from its opposites.

There is evil in the world and it is everywhere.


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