Walter Block’s Libertine Immorality

[H]ere in Ukraine, speculators buy up appointments to apply for visas, and then sell them for 1000UAH (about $50, in a country where people make $200 a month and raise children on it.)

Now, according to libertarianism this is moral, ethical, and non-aggression.
According to propertarianism (and human nature) this is not a productive, fully informed voluntary exchange free of negative externality.

But so called ‘parasitic’ libertine rothbardianism claims this is moral. Yet that which is moral is that which incentivizes us to cooperate rather than incentivizes us to prey upon one another.
Why doesn’t the government require that all appointments scheduled are for the individual applying for the visa? Well, because they’re in on the parasitism (corruption).

Now, I want to know why I don’t kill you and take your stuff. The only reason not to is if we engage in fully informed, productive, voluntary transfer free of negative externality.

Libertinism is just an excuse to continue usurious parasitism of the ghetto. It’s not moral. It’s immoral.

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