We Must Rule

[W]e must rule. We must restore our tradition of rule. We must rule not because we are right, or best, but because everyone else is demonstrably worse. We must rule because without our rule, humanity has no example to draw from that is not the cancer of the Muslims or the Chinese or the chaos of the Africans.

The world today is dependent almost entirely on western example in science, law, contract, trade, engineering, medicine, and even arts. And none of the emerging cultures show even a modicum of interest in following the aristocratic tradition of truthfulness that is the reason that we developed these consequential technologies.

The western enlightenment was a lie. A decline. A failure. Because escaping mysticism was an act of truthfulness, but imposing unearned enfranchisement was an act of deception in order to obtain power. And when we were beset with the global consequences of our military success, we failed to expand the discipline of truth – taking it, like our heroism, as a given: a natural inclination of man.

But man has only one natural inclination: to acquire all he can using his limited reason and knowledge by either good or ill. That is all.

We domesticated man and raised mankind out of ignorance and poverty in the ancient and modern worlds.

We must end all our fantasies of man’s nature.

And we must rule mankind.

Or the next dark age will be worse than the last.

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