Why I don’t Condone Racism

1) All groups can transcend the animal and evolve to fully human, and from fully human to our image of gods, if they merely suppress the rates of reproduction of their lower classes.
2) Classes (distributions) matter far more than race. Among elites in all races the primary differences across cultures appear to be verbal acuity – the ability to precisely articulate ideas.
3) As far as I can tell if people are fully integrated AND middle class or above (>105 IQ), and especially if they can obtain an empirical education (>110-115), they present no long term problem in small numbers because they try to obtain the benefits of membership in OUR society rather than attempt to obtain rents and political power on the behalf of their lower classes.
4) blaming others for our failings is simply an excuse not to act to change the status quo. the reason we are being invaded is the man in the mirror. States can only do what the warrior class (lower and middle class men) allow them to do.

I recognize that I am an elite and that interact with the global elite and that as such my intuitionistic concern is different from that of our middle and lower classes. I know my bias is to be more ‘forgiving’.

On the other hand if we build a worldwide alliance against corporatism and return to familialism, tribalism, and nationalism, it does not matter if we are different – it just provides us more opportunity to experiment.

And moreover, with many small nations there is MORE ROOM AT THE TOP than there is in a ‘new world order’.

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