Is It Possible To Have A Perfect Government And Make Everyone Happy?

We had the perfect government: Monarchy, Multi-House Parliaments with one house per class, and the Common Law under Rule of law, under Nationalism (tribalism).

The Monarch had only power of veto. The houses functioned as a market for trading commons between the different socio-economic classes. And an homogenous polity can act redistributively because everyone is a near relation (kin) and not a competitor.

This is why the Nordic countries are as they are: small homogenous protestant nations that have practiced eugenic reproduction for more than a thousand years, and perhaps as long as 3500 years. They bypassed the empire phase during colonialism and so they did not develop state corporatism, and therefore the ability to commercially and militarily profit from heterogeneous polities.

Nordic countries then produce the ideal because they are small homogenous eugenic nation states with common interests, little diversity, and lack the population, territorial, economic, and military scale needed to engage in conquest by immigration, territorial expansion, economic conquest, or military conquest.

The dirty secret of the Human Genome project is that our tribes and races are vastly unequal, largely because some of our tribes and races have been better at suppressing the rates of reproduction of the lower classes (eugenics). And the reason is that the northern climates do not allow marginal individuals to survive under agrarianism. And that most northern peoples aggressively used hanging, delayed marriage and childbirth, regulated access to farmland to people of good character, and effectively engaged in active upward redistribution of reproduction.

If you want a Denmark you need to fill it with Danes. The northeast of Europe developed “Bipartite Manorialism” earliest, and the church’s ban on cousin marriage the earliest, and that is one of the significant reasons for northern europe’s advantage.

Why? Because while you need to reach the Pareto optimum of both 80% of resources in the control of your top 20%, AND your top 20% must have IQ’s above 106, this cannot be done by improving the intelligence of your best, but by by reducing the numbers of your worst, until your best are the top 20% of your population.

This is counter-intuitive. But the point being that your lower classes are a tragic burden on your people.

This is the dirty secret of the west’s success: we hung 1% of the population every year. Over twenty years, this has a profound effect. Over five hundred years it will raise a people out of ignorance and poverty.

How can we do the same without hanging our troublemakers? We can do it by preventing their births.

Otherwise there is no way to get to Denmark. And instead, under normative dysgenia we will decline just as the entire Arab world has declined under islam: through dysgenic reproduction, that depresses the reproduction of our best, and increases the reproduction of our worst.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Science and Uncomfortable Truth
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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