Response To Tom Woods Speech To Libertarians

I love you Tom, but we have two over invested generations alive today grasping at the straws of the hippie generation promise of libertarian communes.

But Liberty and sovereignty have only been constructed and only can be constructed by the organised use of violence to prohibit the alternatives.

Wishful thinking will die with the generation of over invested wishful thinkers – buried by the empirical evidence that Liberty, personal responsibility under Liberty, and the costly use of violence to obtain and hold that Liberty, is the desire of but a few.

And so called libertarians may desire Liberty, may willingly carry the individual responsibility, but when it comes to paying the high cost of using violence to obtain and hold Liberty, they run away from that cost as rapidly as socialist run away from individual responsibility.

So I see no difference between wishful thinking by socialists on the economy and personal responsibility, and wishful thinking by so called libertarians on the government and the high cost of violence needed to secure Liberty.

Both are acts of fraud using moral pretence to attempt to excuse the payment of a cost necessary to obtain their desires.

Fraud is fraud no matter what moral pretence it is wrapped in

That socialist will fight, but not compete in the market. The libertarian will compete in the market but not fight.

The conservative will both fight and compete in the market and bear the cost of norms and laws that place the inter generational family ahead of the temporal individual.

As far as I can see conservatives are the only people willing to pay the cost of Liberty: normative, economic and military.

Everyone else is a fraud.

Curt Doolittle.
The Propertarian Institute.
Kiev, Ukraine.

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