To William Kristol


Possessing Courage is not the same as possessing solutions. Conservatism and universal equal enfranchisement are incompatible.

Sentiments do not arguments make. Beliefs not policy make. Moralizing not philosophy make. Counter-signaling is but weakness.

Conservatism is counter to the strategy of the mass. Why? It is personally costly, meritocratic, deterministically eugenic.

And because it is costly, meritocratic, deterministically eugenic, conservatives cannot truthfully advocate for it’s methods.

Ergo, under democracy, conservatives lied by omission.Since truth is the source of conservatism, it could not survive.

So our generation puts truth back on the table as the first cause of western success. End the 20th Century of Lies. ?#?NewRight?

If democracy and movement conservatism are incompatible with truth telling, THEY CANNOT BE WESTERN VALUES. #NewRight

Natural Law: Truth Telling, Testimony, Jury, Common Law, Property, Family, Sovereignty, Merit, Aristocracy, Commons,Technology.

Conservatives failed because they could not find a ratio- scientific argument for the dissonance between democracy and merit.

Man is not moral or immoral, but rational. It is only that morality is a better investment for most. But Parasitism is rational

And democracy is a vehicle for incremental recidivism from individual moral meritocracy to collective immoral parasitism.

We are the #NewRight.Because we will end the century of lies. End the myth of democracy.End the myth of equality. No more lies.

Conservatism = Aristocracy (Meritocracy). One must EARN the franchise through demonstrated achievements. #NewRight

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