Transforming the Academy To A Distributor of Lies

By Eli Harman

The left remade society by transforming the academy from institutions of inquiry and education to ones that simply manufacture and distribute lies.

But now, it‘s biting them in the ass. Racialized protests at campuses across North America last summer exposed affirmative action for the sham that it is, as unqualified, ungrateful, and unruly minorities made messes and antagonized serious faculty and students.

Enrollment at Mizzou is plummeting. Apparently, no one wants to attend an institution which is self-evidently little more than a holding pen for hood rats, where they’re goaded and whipped into a frenzy of envy, entitlement, and enmity, by Marxist intellectuals before being released back into the real world to afflict it. One can only hope that forthcoming numbers from Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, and others, show similar trends.

Meanwhile, exploding student debt, and the increasingly obvious bankruptcy and worthlessness of college degrees that mean little more than that their recipients are easy marks, willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars that they don’t have to study bullshit that nobody needs in exchange for credentials that everyone has, is further eroding the credibility and appeal of these fraudulent institutions.

Sooner or later the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. And when the money runs out, and the music stops, these bullshit factories are going to start going bust or belly up.

It’s going to be a beautiful sight. And we can only hope there will be plenty of people willing to throw some gasoline on the fire, preferably literally.

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