Converting From Accusations of Falsehood To Accusations of Fraud.

You see, I only have to testify to what I can know, and I only CAN testify to what I can know.

So if I can’t know something I can’t testify to it. I can only say “I don’t know’.

And in the tradeoff between “i don’t know ‘but’, and ‘I just don’t know so I can’t say’, we only need to look for perverse incentives.

You might not realize it but I’m calling people who do what leftists do (and religious people as well) mere liars. Sophisticated lying. Lying to the self as well as others. But in the end, mere liars.

We lie for many reasons. We lie to ourselves. We need the mystical part of religion to lie to ourselves. Becuase the curse of reason is that we know things we wish not to.

And apparently the price of reason is that we must invent un-reason in order to compensate for the horror of reason.

Yet some of us, have the courage to look fate in the face and de-conflate the moral and the true. We provide ourselves few psychological comforts other than the joy of life. We know that we must not harm, must not steal, must not tell black lies.

But we do not know what is right or true. We know only what is wrong and what is error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, and deception.

The rest of knowledge and action and experience is up to us to choose from.

But why do some of us have this courage and others not?

It’s because for some of us, almost all our intuitions and ideas fail, so we need recipes to follow in order to succeed, simply by not failing.

It is because, for some of us, we need assistance deciding between our ideas so that we choose the ones least likely to fail.

It is because, for some of us, we must decide conflicts between others who have different perceptions of events – and to resolve those disputes without favoritism and fear of retaliation.

In other words, because some of us are better at deciding than others.

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