If I Wanted To Would It Be Legal To Build A Multi Thousand Acre Lake On All Private Property?

There is a long tradition of slough, stream, pond and lake building, and it’s very hard to find criticisms of it unless you violate one of the three four principles:

  1. It’s close to an existing stream, pond, lake, that could be in any way impacted by the presence of a competing ecosystem.
  2. It requires diverting water flow from another source over which water rights are already tightly regulated (everything is). This is usually a big no-no. So how would you get that much water to this location?
  3. It requires human maintenance to survive and would scar the landscape if you failed to complete or maintain it. (a possibility in Texas).
  4. You plan to use it for raising some kind of fish or animal that could generate competition, change, or pollution in the local ecosystem.

However, (and simple research will help you) almost all principalities will benefit from the creation of a recreational or wild lake.

Where I lived in Western Washington the idea is to maintain ecosystems for animals but rearranging land use is just fine. (In some progressive states these departments attract … nutcases, not people seeking to preserve balance. )


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