Is Liberalism Idealistic As Opposed To Being Realistic?

It’s Utopian, dysgenic, devolutionary, and entirely false, which is why it sells.

You don’t think religions sell because they’re realistic or true? Neither do political ideologies.

Here is some humbling and painful truth:

1) Those civilizations that were most successful in preventing from access to food, delaying reproduction, preventing access to reproduction, enslaving, starving, killing, sending to war, or abandoning to the elements, the largest number of their lower classes, consistently produce the highest standards of living.

Why? It’s pretty simple math: productive people are only so productive. The very best only a bit more productive, and they are small in number. The person at the bottom is six times more damaging than the person at the top is beneficial. SIX TIMES. (Or at least, like Pareto’s rule, that it’s the inverse of, it’s a very good rule of thumb.)

2) Western Civilization, from the corded ware (Kurgan) people onward, (the european branch of the Aryan Invasions) out of Ukraine and what is now southern Russia, adopted these eugenic practices and redistributed resources upward increasing the rates of the middle class reproduction. Beginnig with the church’s ban on intermarriage, and the adoption of Bipartite Manorialism in Frisia, and the aggressive hanging of 1/2 to 1% of the population per year, until by the late middle ages – almost everyone living in Europe was a descendent of the genetic if not economic and social middle class.

3) american puritans recruited people of ‘character’ and the original at least puritan colonies were intended to be a eugenic experiment. This only ended with the marxist, socialist, bolshevik, and soviet cooption of the university and media as an overwhelming counter-enlightenment to that provided by Darwin and Spencer. The pseudosciences of Boaz, Marx, Freud, and even Cantor were propagated to restore the underclass to some level of political control now that they had the economic means available that were provided by the industrial revolution, and the somewhat foolish enfranchisement of non-property owners and women. Meritocracy after all, is a eugenic strategy.

4) Western civilization, beginning with the separation of western empirical, common, judge discovered law (law), from celebrations, festivals, and education (religion), has always been empirical. Our greek reason and british empiricism that we call ‘science’ today evolved from this legal tradition. To attack this empiricism, particularly after Darwin and Maxwell’s revelations, and Nietzche’s attempt to resurrect greek religion just as bacon, lock, smith, and hume had resurrected greek reason – the left invented multiple layers of progressive falsehoods:

The myth of oppression of the equal underclasses rather than the necessity of domestication of the inferior underclasses.

The Utopian vision of a world run by the underclasses (marxism). Despite the evidence that the world universally sorts by iq and genetic class except for rotations in and out of the middle class due to mating and economic lottery effects.

The great lies of social science: Marxian history, Boazian Anthropology, Freudian Psychology.

WHEN THESE FAILED to produce a revolution the left turned to “Scientific Socialism”.

The great lies of economic pseudoscience: managed economies, central planning, world socialism.

The Great Lies of Political science: That democracy was a good, rather than a luxury. That democracy was possible for the resolution of disputes in heterogeneous polities rather than the prioritization of wants in homogenous polities. That majoritarian monopoly was desirable, or produced beneficial ends. That

The Great Lies of Law: that rule of law was not determined by the natural properties of mankind that we could enumerate to allow each other to cooperate, but that these laws were arbitrary, discretionary commands that could be followed like the rules of a corporation.

WHEN THESE FAILED the left turned to the Culture of Critique (attack on culture).

The Frankfurt school’s false criticisms of art, of western civilization, of white men, of western history.

WHEN THESE FAILED the left turned to it’s only remaining option:

1) to immigrate underclasses in order to obtain power through invasion and displacement.

2) to switch from criticism to political correctness and the enfranchisement not o productive labor and families but of every fringe group possible

3) to switch from rational argument to simply repeating messages and lies. (alinsky etc).

THE RESULT is what we live with today:

1) the destruction of the family that was the condition of enfranchisement into the american eugenic order.

2) the destruction of the rule of law so that the constitution is no longer a document of the science of cooperation but a justification for war against western civilization.

3) the destruction of the Whig History of the continuous evolution of western civilization.

4) the devolution of the parties into married whites, and unmarried white women and the underclasses.

5) The big sort, where people are nationally relocating to be near people like them.

6) We are on the brink of civil war (and frankly I’m working to start it)

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