Q&A: Curt: Why Is Western Civ Eugenic?

[A]ristocracy, Meritocracy, Rule of Law, Market Economies, Manorialism(controlled access to land), voluntary mate selection, late marriage, nuclear family, migratory skilled labor, Low Tolerance Policing/high trust requirement, aggressive hanging, militial warfare (volunteer infantry), harsh winters, mathusian farming production, plagues, economic shocks, and disasters, have the following effects:
1 – force improved long term, mate selection
2 – lower generational rates of reproduction
3 – limit reproduction to those who are in the genetic ‘middle class’ and upward.
4 – redistribute resources upward to middle class and away from lower class reproduction.
5 – cull lower classes aggressively.
Which is important, because every person that’s ‘problematic’ at the bottom is six times as costly as every person that’s ‘beneficial’ at the top.

The basic math is like this: to organize a society in the voluntary organization of production you must get 80% of the resources in to 20% of population, and that 20% of the population must be ‘intelligent’ enough to make use of it. That means you must get your median IQ somewhere in the 100-106 range before you can really do much toward developing a high trust market economy. And you want to get as close to 112 to 115 if you want to out-compete the rest of the planet with innovations sufficiently to live what we in the west consider a marginally different quality of life.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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