Where Are The Us Political Party Manifestos?


The left’s manifesto has been public for over a century, and is represented in the ten planks. And the left has been successful and (a) a complete canon of pseudoscience in the social sciences (b) conquest of the primary education and secondary education systems, (c) conquest of the media, and entertainment businesses (d) invasive immigration of the underclasses, (e) financialization of the economy (f) systematic intentional destriction of our constitution of natural law, by selective advocacy of cases that expose the weakensses in created by the initial draft’s compromise with the southern states, and the violations of natural law added to the constitution after the conquest and defeat of the southern states.

The right’s manifesto CANNOT be made public under majoritarian democracy since the right’s program is entirely EUGENIC. There is a reason the right speaks metaphorically and morally – if they spoke scientifically it would be challenging.

Now, the right (as usual) is ‘right’. But its unacceptable under democracy to state that the entire reason we lifted Europe out of ignorance and poverty was that northern Europe like greco-roman civilization was terribly meritocratic, and northern Europe additionally heavily eugenic.

The puritans who founded the USA were pursuing a eugenic strategy.


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