Why Shall We Ignore Any Human Law, State, King (president), Judge Or Lawgiver?

Laws cannot be given, they can only be discovered.

Lawgiving is logically impossible. One can issue commands. One can negotiate contractual provisions on your behalf. But one cannot create law, only command, legislation, regulation, and contractual provision.

There is one natural law, that can be stated in the positive or negative, but must be stated as both positive and negative. (I’ve written too much on this today and don’t want to repeat myself, so I’m not going into detail.)

  • Obverse: – The silver rule (Natural Law – the negative ) do not do unto others… etc.
  • Reverse: – The golden rule (Natural Rights – the positive ) do unto others only what …. etc.

There is only on moral law that these two rules are derived from:

  • Obverse: – negative: impose no unwanted costs upon that which others have acted to create, obtain, and inventory, whether life, kin, mate, relation, property, norm, or institution.
  • Reverse: – positive: limit your actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, limited to externalities of the same criteria.

In other words: “do no harm” is the one law of human cooperation. Because harm is what causes retaliation, breaks the peace, reduces trust, increases transaction and opportunity costs, and reduces the quality of life for everyone in the vicinity as a consequence.

These laws are geographically, demographically, culturally, normatively, institutionally, traditionally, independent, and provide universal decidability in all matters of conflict, whether participants like it or not.

What differs is the only the in-group contracts in the forms of property, laws, norms, traditions, institutions, territory and monuments. But within group this rule still applies.

Ergo, you only listen to a command when its either in going to benefit you, or when ignoring or contradicting it will lead to your harm or punishment.

Otherwise, there is no connection between commands and the only necessary laws: objective morality, natural law, and natural rights. Do no harm, seek no involuntary gain.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute


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