A Nation? Nationalism? Vs Statism?

A State, and bureaucracy, provide fertile ground for parasitism, for the sole reason that a majority of men do not demand Rule of Law, under Natural Law, using Judge Discovered Law, and accumulating in the Common Law.

A nation is quite good at preventing alternative ‘tax farms’, brought into being by conquest using war, religion, immigration, trade. And arguably, as an extension of the tribe, the nation is best at it.

Those that could not form sedentary societies were destroyed by those that could. Since a sedentary society is productive, not parasitic.

Jews, Gypsies, underclass immigration, and we ‘migratory occidental craftsmen’, vary in value from catastrophically harmful, to a net loss, to of some limited economic value by providing expertise – we are a questionable exception, not a definite rule.

All of us live under the political orders that survive competition, not those we choose to have were that competition were absent.

Man was not in the past, nor is he today, good. He is rational. He chooses predation when it is rational, parasitism when rational, production when it is rational, and trade when it is rational. We create institutions to deny him the rational choice of predation or parasitism, and thereby force all people into either production or trade.

From that thing we call ‘rule’, by rule of law, we can possibly eliminate all discretion but judicial discretion, and judicial discretion only within the limits of that law. But in no case can we eliminate organized production of commons and survive competition.

The west advanced faster than the rest, because we created the most difficult commons for any people to produce: truth, property, jury, and natural, common, judge-discovered law.

In other words: social science. It’s our invention of social science, (law) that we applied to other fields.

And that law is insured, and enforced, by the organized application of violence by ‘the peers’ – those men who demand rule of law.

Those who cannot pay for war, cannot as a consequence, pay for staving off war by others.

Wishing for liberty does not make liberty so.

Violence alone does.

We fight for liberty under natural law, judge-discovered common law, with universal standing and rule of law (universal application), or we shall not have it.

For we will fail to rais the price of rule to some other means of decidability, organization of property.

And our only sincere permanent allies in such a long term war are our kin.

Ergo. Nationalism: kin under natural law, with a market for reproduction, a market for production and consumption, and a market for commons.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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