Aristocracy: Aryan vs Christian

I write in the combination of Christian aristocratic and Aryan aristocratic ethics. What is the difference?  The difference is that Aryan Aristocratic philosophy asks us how we can live the best life that we are able. Christian aristocratic ethics ask us how we can parent mankind. Aristocracy concerns peers. Christianity concerns those who are not. Both of these philosophies are compatible. They just address different problems.

We require Aryanism in order to preserve heroism and sovereignty, which are the causes of western exceptionalism.  Aryanism is a defensive strategy – against totalitarianism.  Against stagnation.

We require Christianity in order to domesticate and develop man to transcendence: to aristocracy. To peerage. To godhood.

Christianity alone will lead to eastern authoritarianism. Aristocracy alone will lead to numerical weakness. Together we possess both aristocratic quality and Christian numbers.


  • Science (Craftsmen – Possibilities)
  • Rule of Law (Judges – Limits)
  • Aryan Aesthetics of the Peerage (Paternal Competition)
  • Christian Philosophy of Paternal Rule (Maternal Raising)

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