Bourgeoise? No.  Logistics of War

Aug 24, 2016 12:11pm

I get accused of bourgeoise values all the time, and I always think it’s childish, or ignorant. Generals conduct strategy and that means logistics. The last mile, for today, may depend on the character of men. But all the miles behind them, and all the yesterdays and tomorrows depend upon the logistics: production and supply lines.

A dangerous, happy, well-fed soldiery capable of defeating an enemy is equipped and supported by a happy, produdtive, well fed, population competitively defeating in economics and intellectual means their competitors, just as the soldiers their competitors.

I tend to think of ‘last-mile-ers’ as children: well-intentioned, passionate, but ignorant and naive.

My own values are classical, intellectual, and perhaps a bit effete. I do not seek to win the great wars by my values. Nor by the elation of the throng. But by cool headed plans and execution of them, with discipline over many years.

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