Can We Find Class Movements In Conservatism, Libertarianism, And Progressivism?

(Short answer: yes)

—I tend to refer to the various conservatisms as class-movements within the aristocratic egalitarian system of cooperation, with the national socialists and 88’ers and such as the upper proletariat and lower working class(soldiery, labor, and demand), the traditionalists as the upper working class(nco’s, information and advocacy), the legalists as the middle class(officers, organization and choice), and the martial and judicial castes as the upper class (Monarchy, generals, force and limits).- Curt Doolittle

—“Are there similar class-movements among progressives and libertarians? And, could it be stated that class-movements among all three groups are consequence of division of moral intuitions on one hand, and perception, cognition, labour and advocacy on the other?
I guess, among libertarians, there would be: libertines (lower), an-caps(middle) and international traders (high). And among progressives there would be members of syndicate (lower), social justice warriors (middle) and globalist (high).”— Ivan Ilakovac

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