God Does Not Speak To Us. We Can Only Read His Writings In the Fabric of the Universe


Sorry religious folk, but religious language is a language of men, not god – science and mathematics are the language of god. Religious law is the command of men, not god – natural law discovered by science is the law of god. Heaven is not created by god, but created by men – it is nature that we domesticate for our use that produces paradise in a universe that is hostile to us. Prophets were not speaking the word of god, but spinning stories by men for the control and manipulation of the ignorant. There is nothing found in the lies of the prophets that cannot be stated truthfully in the language of god: Math, Scientific Truth Natual Law, Physical Law, created by god, put into the minds of man through his discovery, and put to work by the hand of man because of that discovery. God wrote to us with reality. He does not speak to us. We can only read his writings in the fabric of the universe.

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