Markets In Everything – And Economists Circumventing them.


A market for reproduction (family).
A market for production (goods and services),
a market for commons (government),
a market for dispute resolution (common law),
and a market for polities (voluntary association and disassociation).

If you advocate for majority democracy by assent instead of market for commons under juridical defense, then you are just a fool and a thief like any other.

It surprises me that you will hear economists justly criticize the misapplication of the economics of the family and small business to the international business, and government. Yet in the next breath advocate majoritarian democracy and the use of aggregates to conduct involuntary exchanges, rather than to construct a market for the voluntary exchange of commons uder juridical dissent in the next.

Economists regularly justify their preconceptions and utilitarian biases by applying the decision-making of the tribe to that of the nation and empire.

If there were voluntary construction of market commons rather than thefts by aggregation, think of (a) what economists would research instead of what they research today, and (b) what we would know about economics as a consequence rather than what we know today, and (c) how empowered each of us would be vs today, and (d) how we could solve problems of conflict between groups that we cannot solve today.

Monopoly Majoritarian Representative Commons Production (Democratic government) is the origin of political conflict – NOT the solution to it.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

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