Mythical Extremes, Demonstrated Regularities

Let me repeat that so that it doesn’t get lost: we tell stories of great achievement because it is the only possible way of conveying heroism: desirable action at the extremes. We teach the valuable exceptions that produce the valuable rewards for high risk. We do not tell people stories of regularities that are in evidence around us every day. This is why history consists of irregularities (innovations), and why existence consists of regularities (productions). Men innovate(disrupt) through extremes and women operate (produce generations) through regularities. And we have evolved such that our gender’s abilities serve the needs.

If you look at the 20th century. By all possible measures, women are failing at their duties. At present, it might also be that men are – if we let ourselves be conquered in order to please the folly of our women.

We are not equal. Like an army we must all do our jobs if we are to survive.

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