Overview of Propertarianism’s Main Themes

Quick Note Turned into a Post.

If you watch (1) the intertemporal division of perception, (2) the intercultural division of perception (circumpolar people), and (3) listen to this podcast (civilizational strategies);

And if you catch that consistently across the personal, interpersonal, national, and civilizational strategies, that I CONSISTENTLY try to draw your attention to the three possible means of governance (coercion): religion/gossp/ostracization, trade/remuneration, and law/order/violence, you will begin to see the pattern that I work with that is VERY DIFFERENT from the idealism of ‘equality’ or even near equality.

And if you then grasp that all human intuition, mind, emotion, reason, exists for the simple purpose of acquisition. And our intuitions vary only be reproductive strategy(gender) and our desirability(class). And that our emotional reward system is nothing more than evidence of changes in the state of property.

And that we act to acquire property in toto.

And that we negotiate for acquiring what we desire to fulfill our strategy.

And that we signal by a thousand means in order to improve our negotiating position.

And if you are enough of a philosopher to grasp that I divide categories of argument into the equivalent of increasingly articulate mathematical disciplines. (see my hierarchies of argument) – and we use them to honestly, dishonestly, wishfully, foolishly, and rarely truthfully, use them to negotiate with one another.

And if you then you bring in the various dimensions by which I ask we test propositions (testimonialism’s six dimensional tests of due diligence necessary for warranty of propositions),

And that the only way we make use of information across all our perceptions, is when we cooperate (Trade) voluntarily.

And then that we can ‘calculate’ together fastest, most competitively, if we make use of (1)natural, judge-discovered, common law, jury, (2) a market for reproduction (marriage and family), (3) a market for the production of good and services in support of the market for reproduction, (4) and a market for the production of commons.

And that we have domesticated mankind through incremental suppression of parasitism thereby enforcing production. And that we have only now to expand our suppression of parasitism to counter the development of media, so that we prevent propaganda and deceit in every walk of life.

Then you have social science as I describe it in Propertarianism. (Natural Law), and the solutions to the majority of current problems.

Stop lying, stop parasitism, and stop involuntary association, and that’s what it takes.

My next series of thought will be criticisms of the attempt to preserve the monopoly of territory on the continent by the federal government.

And I will continue to work on religion while I do that.


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