Philosophy(choice) vs Logic(decidability)


Irony appreciated. Even if it’s just a play on words.

The question is not whether it’s a personal philosophy (means of PREFERENTIAL or UTILITARIAN choice) but whether its a method of universal DECIDABILITY independent of preferences and utility. (truth).

In other words, is it a “Law” of nature, as in a “Natural Law”.

Propositions need only be reciprocally decidable . If they are decidable, then the question is why one would attempt to demonstrate that they are not?

As in law, which is the origin of western philosophy, not until late conflated with religion, decidability is provided by (a) deception and (b) involuntary transfer.

As far as I can tell, this is the purpose of most UNDECIDABLE philosophy, like religious law before it: fraud.

Which is not what I expected when I started working on these issues.

The philosophers are often circumventing costs, and transfers, and claiming that they’re pursuing truth.

What I find, is that they are all too often, engaged in fraud.

So instead of testing for truth, I first test for theft.

This is the difference between the philosophical search for AGREEMENT and the legal search for theft.

Ergo, It is law that is our western philosophy(prohibition, decidability, criticism) and everything else is religion (aspiration, negotiation, justification).

The west didn’t conflate truth, law, politics, and religion.

We have always preserved competition as means of ongoing calculation, and thereby avoided stagnation.

But Egyptian-Judeo-Christian-Muslim totalitarianism did the opposite. They created authority (monopoly) by conflating different disciplines with different purposes. This is why Egypt froze, jews contributed nothing until they were forced by Europeans into the enlightenment, Muslims appear to have taken credit but not developed anything, and certainly, as soon as the common people adopted it, were insulated, and why the west stagnated for a thousand years, albeit under constant onslaught of the commercial Mediterranean by Muslim pirates and war.

Seek first fraud, not agreement.

Our civic cult is law.

We are prosecutors.

Curt Doolittle
The Cult of Non-Submission
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute

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