Pro Life and Pro Death

By Eli Harman

To be right wing is to be pro-life. That doesn’t mean to be against taking life; sometimes that’s what life demands. But it means to love life and relish it, and live life to its fullest (which quite often will be in a measured and deliberate manner.)

The left wing are pro death. They don’t enjoy life. They dread it, they shrink from it. They’re always seeking to evade its responsibilities, to tear down its exemplars and to escape from its demands rather than living in accordance with them. Reckless sensation seeking and novelty seeking, for their own sakes, are their preferred escapes from the sting of persistent failure to live up to life’s demanding requirements for genuine success and satisfaction. They seek recognition for uniqueness rather than for excellence which, being forever beyond their grasp, disgusts and repulses them. They loath those who they would benefit from respecting, honoring and emulating. They defy and rebel against those who they would benefit from following. Their instinct is not to learn, nor improve, but to hamstring those who exceed them. Their creed is to never obtain by honest means what they can try, and fail, to achieve by dishonest ones; by lying, cheating, and stealing. They continue to live only because they are too chickenshit – too cowardly and weak – to end themselves. But they will doom others without limit or remorse, if they think, by those means, they can dodge accountability a little longer.

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