Soros v Hayek and Why.

Aug 22, 2016 2:48pm

When where Soros disagrees with Hayek he relies on the criticism of the rational actor hypothesis, saying that people do not in fact act this way.

But here again we have Hayek as a social scientist seeking rule of law, versus Soros as a financier seeking discretionary rule.

The difference in the western heroic tradition and the Jewish tradition is illustrated once again: we peers may not interfere with the sovereignty of other peers with actions that interfere with their plans.

Ergo: rule of law.

Soros, as a cosmopolitan, seeks only to increase transactions regardless of the impact on the peerage, and the consequences to intertemporal capital.

So yet again we see the metaphysics of the Aryans’ no harm to the commons, vs the Cosmopolitans’ maximum consumption.

Hayek’s advocates do not know how to criticize Soros.

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