The Old Right -vs- The New Right


The Old Right was “It’s Hopeful If We Are Patient“, and the New Right is “It’s Hopeless, We Must Act“. The hopeful right was a resistance movement hopeful that the leftists would ‘learn’. The right is a hopeless movement that is resigned to the inability others to adopt the contractual order we call ‘conservatism’, but is just the traditional western aristocratic order of cooperation between classes with different abilities.

The Old Right of American conservatism evolved from the religio-moral language set (think of Kirk), and the Jeffersonian set (constitutionalists). But the conservatives never achieved success in articulating conservatism in rational or scientific language.

We’ve endured a hundred and fifty years of pseudoscience (Freud/psychology, marx/economics-sociology, Boaz/anthropology, Frankfurt school/culture) combined with propaganda made possible with new media on a scale never seen before, combined with post war economic windfall and the conversion of upper proletarians and lower middle class into property owners with disposable income. Between government seeking votes, the academy seeking to sell nonsense-diplomas, and the media selling commercials, and the consumer product companies selling household goods to newly liquid families, the environment for falsehood was fertile ground.

The New Right is armed with science and evidence that Darwin and Spencer (despite Spencer’s Lamarckian error his statements remain true). The old right didn’t have this evidence and our generation does.

But we face a problem: the reason for the west’s dramatic success is largely that we were the most eugenic order and used upward redistribution of calories for upward redistribution of reproduction, and we use some combination of winters, manorialism, taxation, late marriage, aggressive hanging, and for-profit warfare to eradicate the lower classes for thousands of years.

We call it meritocracy, the charitable call it ‘civilizing‘, the honest call it ‘domesticating‘, and the pejorative term is ‘human husbandry‘: culling the unproductive humans from the herd, and leaving only the productive humans behind to reproduce.

The underclasses of course think they were oppressed. They can’t imagine that they’re uncivilized, and that by breeding they’re decivilizing. And we aren’t honest about it, because it interferes with our narrative that we were justified in using democracy (we weren’t) to seize power from the landed nobility.

The New Right consists of multiple frames of argument that correspond to class structures. Just like neocons, libertine libertarians, and socialists on the left, the New Right consists of multiple frames of arguments that correspond to class membership:

NEW RIGHT (Philosophy/NaturalLaw) (Unrepentant Martial/Aristocratic Class)
– Propertarianism (That’s me)
– Ricardo Duchesne ( the uniqueness of Western Civilization)

THE SCIENTIFIC RIGHT (Science) (Scholarly Class)
– HBD-Chick (familism, groupishness, genetics)
– Jayman – Genetics, Race, class
– Sailer – IQ, race, class, education culture
– Nassim Taleb – Finance, Economics, and Decidability.
– Kevin McDonald – group competitive strategies

THE INFORMATIVE RIGHT (Information) (upper middle class)
– Stephan Molyneux (slow conversion on his part but he’s getting there)
– Tom Woods (even slower conversion but he’s getting there)
– Charles Murray ( I can’t tell with charles where he is on hopeless/hopeful)
– Thomas Sowell (was a first mover really)

REACTION (criticism) (middle class)
– Moldbug
– Ramzpaul

ALT-RIGHT (ridicule) (working class) (these folk know exactly what they’re doing by the way. They have adopted leftist ridicule and are actively manufacturing desensitization as a means of combating the flasehoods and pseudoscience of political correctness)
– Various alt-right podcasts and web sites
– Meme-Makers and Trolls

THE ALT-RIGHT “OVEN MIT” CROWD (Upper Lower working)
– 88’ers, anti-everyone’s, white nationalists, etc.

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