The Purpose of Emotions. Consequence Not Cause.

We seek emotions because we evolved those emotions for very obvious reasons: rewards. What is it that we are seeking a reward for? What change in state or preservation of state do we seek to achieve and for what reason?

Emotions are only rewards and punishments. What are we rewarded and punished for by monopoly orders?

Originally, and still in some parts of the world, competition was considered immoral.

Why isn’t the monopoly of orders, like competition, just lagging indicator of our need to create institutions that allow us to act morally in the new order, rather than cling to what is no longer moral out of habit and intuition?

BTW: I usually say it this way: we value status signals higher than every other good. Why are status signals valued higher than any other good? Why do we need confidence in our status? Why do we want status signals from others? Why would we evolve such a thing?

for the same reasons every other species has means of demonstrating fitness. Except that we cooperate, so it is not just reproduction but survival that depends upon our status.

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